Portfolio Graphic Design Website In Nigeria

Portfolio Graphic Design Website In Nigeria – 52% of consumers say Amazon is their favorite e-commerce site. Fast fashion clothing site SHEIN ranks second.

By 2025, Gen Z and Millennial social media users will account for 62 percent of all social commerce markets worldwide, driving industry growth.

Portfolio Graphic Design Website In Nigeria

Portfolio Graphic Design Website In Nigeria

40% of Gen Z consumers – more than double the number of Gen X and Baby Boomers – have purchased used clothing, shoes or accessories.

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Fashion sales increased 7.7%, while total order value among Gen Z consumers increased 8.4%

60% of consumers under 30 say “there is no difference between what they wear to the office and what they wear outside of work hours.”

Retailers offering the BOPIS option saw 2x the growth rates in the last two weeks of the holiday season compared to retailers not offering the option.

E-commerce accounted for 28% of total global apparel and footwear sales in December 2020.

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Although overall apparel and footwear sales declined in 2020, apparel, accessories and footwear contributed 19% to overall e-commerce sales in the United States.

31% of customers say they’d rather take a 10% drop in revenue than be ready for work every day.

According to 50% of managers of large offices, workers now dress less than they did five years ago.

Portfolio Graphic Design Website In Nigeria

Senior office managers believe that 47% of their employees dress “too casually” for work. 32% feel that employees show “too much skin”.

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In 2023, social media platforms are expected to account for $517 billion in global digital advertising spending.

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