Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria – The incredible beauty of Africa that runs through the streets and veins of its people really inspires tourists as well as those who love art and design.

My father visited Nairobi, Kenya a long time ago and was amazed by the culture, the urban and rural landscape and the fresh explosion of wildlife.

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

In terms of design, graphic design in Africa is largely related to culture. That means they focus on traditional African lifestyles, unique designs and a sense of cultural colors, unusual language symbols and bright patterns.

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However, these are not the only aspects of African graphic design. The designers of this section use modern techniques and infuse their work with a dash of modern style.

Philosopher G.W.F. People around the world, including Hegel, have thought of Africa as a silent country. Meaning, any communication that needs to be done is done verbally rather than visually.

Yes, storytelling has always been an important part of the culture here—but messages, experiences, and expressions are also shared using drawings and designs. It’s just that hardly anyone explores African design as much as the graphic design of other countries.

Take a look at the amazing graphic design inspiration from the land of unique geological reliefs and indigenous peoples: Africa!

Adaeze Onyiuke Creative Portfolio By Adaeze Onyiuke

Osmond Tshuma is a designer and art director originally from Zimbabwe. In addition, he has good skills in typography and painting. Many of his works draw inspiration from his hometown and the city where he currently lives.

He combines the beauty of African design with an abstract art style of design that relies on overall shape rather than intricate details.

Note the color palette in his work, often with bright hues and original graphic elements arranged in circles (or dots) in traditional art style.

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

Karabo is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator who fuses traditional and contemporary African aesthetics into inspiring and exciting art and design pieces.

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She aims to spread her culture through her creations and represent what she says is worldly life in a beautiful way. In this way, he not only preserves African traditions, but also celebrates them with design.

Watch his work and you will notice the presence of geometric shapes and lines (waves, confetti, zigzag, angular, straight). Studying the psychology of basic shapes will help you understand their functions. These design elements are skillfully placed as patterns, textures and focal points in branding and graphic materials.

Born in 1981, Karo Akpokire has always been on a strong diet of cartoons and comics, in and out of the classroom. His love was supported by his parents who encouraged him further and he studied various courses in art and design.

His work combines design and fine art to highlight the nuances of everyday life with underlying voices such as humor, politics and society. He is a versatile designer who likes to search for trends, use the practice of self-discovery, and aims for progress while adapting to new trends and interests.

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In a 2013 Ted Talks, teacher, typographer and graphic designer Saki Mafundikwa said, “It’s time for African designers to stop looking outside. They’ve been looking outside for a long time, but what they’re looking for is here.” Inside them.

From his point of view, it is clear that Africa has more to offer the design community than any other continent or country.

Saki Mfundikwa wrote a book in 2004 called “African Alphabets: The Story of Writing in Africa”. He also produced the documentary film, “Shungu: The Resilience of the People.”

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

Mafundikwa was a leading figure in graphic design and inspired many students to pursue art and design as a career path by founding the Zimbabwe Institute of Fine Arts (ZIVA) in Harare.

Graphic Design Ma

Graphic designer and design professor, Chaz Maviene-Davis, creates collages by combining images and ideas to address the world’s most relevant issues: human rights, discrimination, social responsibility, health care and the environment.

He has been part of several exhibitions, conferences and lectures, juries and received many awards for his insightful design.

Sindiso Nyoni A self-made graphic designer and digital artist, Sindiso Nyoni popularly known as R!OT works in the field of street art, activity and illustration.

Graphic designer and illustrator, Sonwabo Walashia draws inspiration from African design aesthetics and African lifestyle. Wallasia aims to convey the story of its land through its paintings while positively impacting the world through representation and expression.

Tam Graphic Design Portfolio By Toyosi A. Medessou

The list of graphic designers born and working in Africa has grown over time as Africans have realized the importance of the role of design in communicating ideas, opinions, expressions and reality to the world.

If you’ve seen amazing work by African graphic designers, share their names and let us know what you find inspiring in their work.

Marketing design enthusiast, passionate about the scope of development of visual communication. With 3+ years of experience in content marketing, Amina is driven by insight, inspiration, trends and creativity. She likes to travel, eat snacks, sit for coffee and watch mysteries. Portfolio design allows professionals to present their best work in a compact, easily digestible format. Stock content is important – but it won’t do any good if no one opens it in the first place. That is why the exterior design of the printing stock should not be neglected. To help inspire you to create eye-catching paper portfolio designs, here are 14 amazing examples.

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

This stock package reinforces the Lighthouse Escrow brand with the shape of a circle and a small yellow element on a black field, reminiscent of a light in the dark.

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Before you read the text about this design, the model makes it very clear that it is an architectural stock. It is a modern design that takes into account blueprints and system calculations.

Reli Title’s envelope design centers around their logo, which highlights the company’s specialty in real estate.

The light blue background of this stock is consistent with the red logo, which is recognizable but different in its uniqueness.

This portfolio does not overwhelm the reader with too many images, instead sticking to simple and clean information with clever typography.

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The design uses handwriting for a personal touch, while geometric shapes and a striking black and white color scheme suggest order and precision.

The Fil Doux logo stands out in dark charcoal against a cool white background, for a straightforward and simple look. In the world we live in, there is no doubt that design is at the center of everything we do. As creative minds, we know the process can be scary. Bringing the perfect vision you have in your mind to life can feel like putting your fist to your mouth. (Don’t lie – you just tried, didn’t you?)

Amidst this visual excitement, heart-warming pieces filter through the audio to stand the test of time. Not only can it immediately attract attention, but the design connects us with other creative ideas and easily becomes the basis of kick-ass brands – Glossier, Vetements and, closer to home, Arami.

Portfolio Graphic Design Ideas In Nigeria

At this point, graphic designers basically dominate the world. But we understand that honoring your creative beauty can be difficult, and creative barriers are real things we all struggle with. So we talked to 3 graphic designers to find out what makes their creative process so special to make sure you know you’re never alone — even if you think you might be.

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As I usually work on my own project, I start by brainstorming a brief and topic. It’s usually a chaotic process because I have complex ideas, so I plan a short informative story. It can be just one word that inspires an entire idea, and I use it to create visual storytelling through collages.

I look for general themes and ideas before researching books, movies, clips, television. Pictures and music for real inspiration. When I have a mood board, I watch a movie to inspire the color palette (depending on my initial idea) and make sure that throughout this whole process, I’m constantly drawing.

I really struggle with imposter syndrome and anxiety, so I do my best to reassure myself and validate my thoughts. Having a great support system to remind me how talented I am and how special my ideas are has been so key to my process!

Then I went to Photoshop. I like learning different skills, so I often watch tutorials and play with different tools. Sometimes this ends up being better than I imagined in the first place! If I’m drawing, I still start in Photoshop, but I use it to plan colors and themes before putting it on paper.

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My creative process is deeply rooted in my faith. I am a Christian and the Holy Spirit is my real helper. He plants ideas in my head at any time and these usually come from what I hear, see or hear.

When I talk to customers, my mind goes automatically

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