Making A Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

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Making A Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

Making A Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

I recently had a near-death experience redoing my portfolio. If you’ve done this before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. My old folios were frankly useless. Although I managed to get a couple of good jobs with him in the past (including a job at BOMBARDIER), it just wasn’t for me. The old set was just snapshots and random sketches of a few projects. It wasn’t about me, it wasn’t selling my skills, it was just selling my product. How many of you have done the same?

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The pain of choosing the right layout, font, and project was real, but that was just the beginning. There were so many other details I’d like to know. So I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned that I consider very important to any industrial design portfolio:

Even if you do all of the above, there is no guarantee that you will land your dream job. But you’ll be more likely to land an interview that shows your personality and passion for design – the best bonus for your impressive portfolio! Believe it or not, the growth of your business depends a lot on how your website looks. . Kordahi

Understand this fact very well and know that websites with Grace and Experience are more likely to attract people these days. The stunning graphics are the most likely reason for this. Only this creative medium can convey the nature and scope of your business to your audience. Website design, logo design or flash design are parameters that create a halo effect for visitors. That’s why our experts at Kordahi Technologies evolve to create attractive and attractive designs.

Kordahi Technologies has established itself as a professional graphic design company specializing in corporate branding, marketing and websites in Nigeria. Our graphic design in Nigeria can take clients to the next level by intelligently integrating visual elements and amplifying the brand name. We can leverage all of our design resources at the right time to take your business from good to great.

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Great design isn’t about creating a great logo, brochure or website, it’s about bringing them together to show a common business goal and bigger picture. No matter what your needs are, we’ve taken care of clients and projects over the years, from the most common to the most unusual.

Attractive graphic design is more than a simple logo, brochure or website, to get more results contact professional graphic designers and get attractive designs for your business. Whatever your design needs, we are experienced graphic designers with years of experience in the field and will fulfill all your design requirements with the latest tools and technology. If you consider your enterprise to be an innovator in the future, a powerful and engaging website should be the benchmark for your business moving forward. Take advantage of us

The team’s desire and hunger to build the future; helping them take advantage of the latest tools and technology. Check out our recent achievements on the web:

Making A Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

How are you? We are a multidisciplinary team working together to climb the mountain for you. We choose the mantra of creativity over convention to create beautiful web solutions. In the world we live in, there is no doubt that design is at the heart of everything we do. As creative people, we know this process can be very difficult. Bringing that perfect vision in your mind to life feels like putting your fist in your mouth. (Don’t lie, you tried, right?)

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In order to stand the test of time in the midst of so much visual stimulation, the heart parts filter out the noise. Not only does it immediately grab the audience’s attention, but design also connects us to other creative works, underpinning iconic brands like Glossier, Vetements and closer to home, Arami.

At this point, graphic designers are basically taking over the world. But we understand that refining your creative aesthetic can be difficult, and creative block is a very real thing that we struggle with. So we spoke to 3 graphic designers to find out what makes their creative process unique.

I’m usually working on projects I’ve created myself, so I start by brainstorming a brief and a theme. It’s often a messy process, so I have a complex idea, so I sketch out the story in a short story. It can be a single word that inspires an entire concept, and I use it to illustrate a collage.

I will look for common themes and ideas before researching books, movies, music videos, television, and music for specific inspiration. Once I have the mood board, I look at the cinematography to create a color palette (depending on the initial idea) and make sure I draw these stages continuously.

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I really struggle with imposter syndrome and anxiety, so I do everything I can to calm myself down and validate my ideas. Having a great support system to remind me how talented I am and how special my ideas are is key to my process!

Then I switch to photoshop. I love learning different skills so I’m always taking classes and playing around with different tools. Sometimes it ends up being better than I expected! If I’m painting, I still use photoshop, but I use it to map colors and subjects before moving to paper.

My creative process is deeply rooted in my faith. I am a Christian and the Holy Spirit is truly my helper. He pops ideas into my head at any moment, and they usually come from things I’ve heard, seen, heard.

Making A Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

When I talk to clients, my mind automatically goes into “design mode.” I can’t physically draw, but when they’re talking, my mind starts drawing. The same thing happens when I create for IG

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After that, I start working on the different aspects that will eventually come together to form the final piece. This includes fonts, images, vector graphics, and color codes. The time it takes to do this varies depending on what I do or don’t find.

At this point, I might have been inspired by something else, and it happened during one of my recent edits, Today’s Edit: LIPS . Nothing is final until it’s posted on Instagram! This is where the tone of what I want to create becomes clearer.

I like to work with music, so after fixing everything, I start playing music. Photoshop and Illustrator allow me to discover new things all the time. Sometimes I touch and fall in love with what is in my head. Other times it just doesn’t “hit” so I do trial and error and play around with opacity, exposure, contrast, blending modes, fonts, literally everything. The only constant is the first image the Holy Spirit put in my mind.

Once I’m happy with about 2-3 versions, I look at them on my phone. Then I send them to my best friends and ask them what they think (even though I already know my choice LOL). After I receive their feedback and analyze the piece to make sure it’s perfect (for me), I’ll publish it.

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My creative process is really exciting because I’m very visual. I see this concept in my head, then I make a rough picture of what I see. Sometimes I create a huge collection of images through multiple Pinterest boards, which helps to better illustrate my ideas.

Once I get the idea, I’ll explore the topic and learn more about it to see what elements or inspiration I can draw from. I look to see if something similar has been done, and if so, I make a note of how I can leverage my own unique selling point and that of my client.

My unique aesthetic has always been heavily inspired by Afro-minimalism. Then I start playing around with the concept until it works for me. Then I leave what I’ve made for a day, sometimes a week, and if it seems fresh and exciting to me, I’ll share it with the world or deliver it to my clients.

Making A Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

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