Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria

Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria – Introducing yourself to examples of good graphic design is a rewarding experience no matter who you are. Perhaps you are a student considering the next step in your journey. Or maybe you’re an award-winning graphic designer staring at a blank computer screen and breaking into a cold sweat.

Whether you’re at the start of your career or just enjoying the view from above, sometimes we all need a boost of creative inspiration. Our favorite way to get started with this idea is two-fold: going back to the basics of design and seeing how the people who make it use them.

Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria

Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria

Unique graphics combine with multiple elements to create eye-catching pages. Graphic artists use colors, textures, lines, shapes, sizes, values ​​and spaces to create their work.

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Often, the end result creates an impression or reaction in the viewer that determines brand identity. Great design is both a science and an art.

It creates visual representations of ideas and communicates the unspoken, creating a relationship between design and its audience.

The five main pillars of graphic design are Balance (for stability and organization), Structure (for clarity and clarity), Repetition (for unity and strength), Contrast (for impact and focus), and Hierarchy (for structure and direction).

We have compiled a list of 31 amazing examples for creative inspiration. Students and designers alike will love looking at these amazing examples to see how artists incorporate one or more of the five points into their art.

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They best illustrate how innovation helps define a company’s mission, core values, vision, and position.

The BFI Film Festival features classic horror films, so Shillington graduated Corey Schultz on a program that included terrifying examples of famous horror figures such as Dracula, Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Wife. The designs are clean and impressive, attracting designers who think about style. Corey received a GDUSA grant for this project.

This promotion consists of kinetic signs and symbols for the program “How to make money in New York”. The layout is bold, with a simple layout, but the name, description and date of the event are displayed in large capital letters, making them stand out in a larger layout. These enhancements reflect the underlying theme of bringing clarity to a confusing and difficult subject. Anthony, Global Managing Director of Shillington Education, received a GDUSA award for this project.

Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria

A graphical example like this tree detector uses a simple and clear display to tell a story. first nine; second, analysis. The app identifies the plant and provides growing tips. Becky Wood describes a process that guides the viewer through three stages of behavior. His use of repetition ties the story together. This work by a Shillington graduate is an AGDA award finalist.

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Judith Besze presents a beautiful example of contrast through composition by setting geometric patterns, text and lines against a floral background. This creates depth and interest in leaders.

Advertising programs use repetition and lots of white space to drive home their point. Vice media should avoid accusations of sexual harassment and “men’s gym” culture. This event celebrates women who have broken the corporate ceiling. Breaking typography is used to show that injustices against women must be erased from our history. The Shillington Graduate Program is a winner of the 2018 GDUSA Award for Graphic Design.

Brandon Lee successfully completed Shillington’s use of contrast and repetition to highlight three different types of coffee from different countries in this product package. It uses bold colors and simple geometric shapes to compose text and logos. Each picture leads you to discover what makes the next picture different. The first noticeable difference is the area. This graphic example is from Lighthouse Coffee Co. produces good coffee with a strong taste. This work won the GDUSA Award for Graphic Design.

This three-day promotion is aimed at New York City subway riders. Riders are asked to vote for popular train advertisers every day. It is designed to make everyday riders more comfortable by making it interactive. The design used bright colors and the same pattern on all posters and promotional materials. Using a dividing line draws the viewer’s eye to each call. Shillington graduate Jen Bishop received a GDUSA award for this design.

Feminist Art Coalition

Shillington graduate Carla Lopez’s international works show contrast and level, using the power of color and geometry. At the same time, everyone will focus on coffee and macarons. The difference between a gray card and a white label directs the eye to another important question: where to get coffee and cookies? The beautiful glass also reflects the name. This time the color is reversed – adding interest without breaking the connection. Carla received a GDUSA grant for this project.

The concept is designed to create an identity for Festival N°6, an annual arts and music festival in North Wales. The goal of a logo is to create something that goes beyond innovation and reflects the tastes of its target market. The style looks elegant and modern, but it shows that the theme is superior. This Shillington graduate received a GDUSA award for design.

Conceived by Shillington graduate Judy DeMarco, the project aims to bring SPAM and its marketing back to millennials. The project used the phrase “whatever it is” to make the campaign’s mission clear. The elegant style has a modern and elegant feel and appeals to enthusiasts and gourmets alike. Judy received a GDUSA award for her work.

Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria

Handmade clothing like this album cover takes graphic design to a whole new level. The design uses composition for clarity and contrast for impact. The idea for this cardboard design came from the themes in the album music. The artist sings about cardboard boxes and family ties, children playing at home. At first glance, it is clear that the history of this design cannot be told without listening to the album. A good cover captures the interest of the uninitiated and provides a “horse” moment for the active.

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Becky McCulloch uses poignancy to tell the story of her first face-to-face encounter with a man. Its design captures the essence of the matter, an important quality in great design. He subtly asks and then answers the question: What do we talk about when we meet? Contrasting colors on the left attract the attention of interested viewers. Of course, they want to know more stories that lead to another high-end product: the tiger card. The cards contain ideas for meeting face-to-face, answering questions, and negotiating solutions. He was a finalist in the 2018 AGDA Awards for this project.

Esteban T has created several premium brands for wine bottles. The Joker’s Gin Bottle uses depth contrast to draw attention to a premium gin bottle. The artist uses color to create a consistent balance in the design, instilling confidence in the brand despite the name Joker Gin.

Pieces like this, which show balance and structure, help viewers “feel” the unity in the display. Rosemary provides an instant contrast to neutrals and draws the eye to other shades of green at work. Shillington graduate Hiro Okuda’s work is an AGDA Award finalist.

Wai San Woo uses design and balance for this Fruitea product packaging design. The open lid is attractive and shows that the company cares about the packaging, which shows that they care about the quality of the contents. The image of the tea bag in the lower right is well balanced with the open lid and what is visible behind it. This project, completed by a Shillington graduate, is an AGDA finalist.

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Here are two examples of graphic design with digital and practical applications. Watch faces for Android Wear Smart watches use contrast and contrast to create a beautiful yet usable watch face. This example of combining old ideas like Roman numerals with modern technology makes these watches timeless.

Michaela Earley’s product design for the duo works multiple times to create unity and brand power. Design and differentiation provide clarity and impact to represent a multi-flavored brand. Using a single color in a product logo clearly stands out as a simple and powerful design. You can expect the gin and flavor duo to be as smooth as a painting. Michaela, a Shillington graduate, received a GDUSA award for her work.

Katrinka creates a powerful marketing strategy for her pet transportation service, often called Chauffur. Although each ad is slightly different and appeals to different types of pet owners, each uses similar elements to create consistency and unity. Katrinka is a graduate of Shillington and an AGDA finalist for this project.

Ideas For Graphic Design Portfolio Pieces Nigeria

This is another example of graphic design

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