How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria – Putting together a graphic design portfolio isn’t the only thing you have to do when you’re a student. You should think about maintaining, improving and developing your portfolio throughout your graphic design career.

We all know that a winning portfolio is important when landing a new job. But that’s not all. You may be called upon at a moment’s notice to speak with your Art Director to discuss an advertising opportunity or a new project that you didn’t even know existed. And you don’t want to short a graphic design portfolio, which can’t be everything.

How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

If you’re looking to take your portfolio to the next level, below you’ll find a selection of 35 graphic design portfolio websites to inspire you, created by our team at Shillington. We also offer our top graphic design portfolio tips to help you improve your portfolio and make it the best tool for career success.

How To Develop A Creative Portfolio

Download our “Guide to a Career in Graphic Design”.

Inspired by these amazing graphic design portfolio examples, ready to improve your current portfolio? Well, follow these tips from graphic design portfolio experts and you shouldn’t go wrong…

If you have invested time, effort and emotional energy into a particular project, you naturally want to show it to people and include it in your graphic design portfolio. But if you want your portfolio to look its best, it needs to be ruthlessly edited. And that means being strict with yourself about your best work.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how many pieces to include, but remember that you can’t predict what people will dive into, and so your reputation is only as good as your last good piece. So all the more reason to leave out the weaker bits and only include work you can be really proud of. Since you have a short amount of time to get the art director’s attention, ideally you should include 10-12 high quality pieces that highlight your best work to get the most impact.

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You are only as good as your worst draft, so you must learn to change and let go. By including projects of different quality, the employer may think that you are not suitable. Ask a peer or mentor to honestly critique your work and “improve or remove” problem areas. 2. Get the type of work you want the most

There is merit to the idea that you should only include your best work. Even if a particular project is worthy of excellence, it is still worth leaving if it is the type of work you want to avoid in the future.

Claire Terry, CEO of Shillington Australia, puts it plainly. “How to attract, then ask yourself: does your portfolio reflect the work you want to attract? If not, add more of these clients and projects.”

How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

For example, if you’ve done a lot of digital design projects, but you want your next job or freelance gig to focus on print design, you should adjust your design profile accordingly. People are not mind readers, and you need to adapt your brand visually just like the brand you work for.

Tips To Create A Winning Graphic Design Portfolio

Does your portfolio reflect who you are today? As people and designers, we are constantly developing. Make sure your portfolio is truly your personality.

This is one of those boring tips that is easy to do and much harder to follow. But in reality, many employers have told us they want to see “some of your personality” in your portfolio.

Don’t go overboard with this: it’s the kind of thing that can backfire if done haphazardly or thoughtlessly. But it’s worth considering if there’s anything like showing a little bit of who you are through your portfolio, whether it’s through the work you’ve chosen, your personal brand, the way you present it, your writing copy or any other method.

If you’re still a graphic design student, it can be difficult to find enough work to fill a portfolio, and tutors usually advise you to create more prestigious work outside of your normal client relationships, including side projects. and contest entries.

How To Create A Digital Portfolio

And actually it doesn’t stop when you finish your course. Later in your career, even if you have years of experience in a design studio, you will find these techniques useful in improving your portfolio. Especially when it comes to showing what kind of work you want to do in the future that your current employer can prevent you from doing.

The biggest mistake many graphic designers make with their portfolio is to only show finished work. This is a problem for many potential clients and employers who usually want to know who worked on the project, what was your contribution, what was the brief, what were the problems in the implementation and how did you overcome them.

There is very little that can be seen in a glossy final image, so make sure there is additional content that shows the process you went through to get there, including sketches. , screenshots and other tasks that are done as needed.

How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

Designer and artist Jane Bower emphasizes that not every project you take on has to be successful from start to finish:

Beste Web Und Grafikdesigner WordPress Themes (portfolio Design 2021)

Don’t be afraid to discuss what went wrong at work, but focus on what you learned from the experience instead of focusing on the negative. 6. Think about formats

Nowadays, a portfolio usually comes in the form of a website or a series of websites. But there are times when this is not the best way.

For example, you may have an interview or a meeting in a place with slow or non-existent Wi-Fi and mobile internet. That’s why it’s always good to compile a PDF portfolio that you can save on your laptop or tablet and put on a USB stick if the other party wants to see it too.

Also, although a physical and printed portfolio is not expected by most, it certainly does not hurt your prospects to produce one and can help you impress the other party who appreciates you from a distance.

Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples (plus Tips!)

Having a presence on an online creative platform like Dribbble or Behance is also helpful, but don’t spread yourself too thin; only engage in one of these if you have enough time to do a good job. An old profile will only make your review chances worse.

Employers also expect you to have some sort of social media presence. Again, focus on one or two platforms that you can stick to rather than trying to fill them all. But it is important to have a specific design account that is separate from your friends and family pictures.

Although a graphic design portfolio is primarily about visuals, don’t think that words aren’t important. When people see a typo in your work, it is usually taken as a sign of laziness, laziness or an insecure attitude.

How To Create A Digital Portfolio For Graphic Design Nigeria

That may seem unfair: after all, everyone makes typos from time to time; if they claim they don’t, they are simply lying. But such harsh judgments are just the world we live in, so it’s important that you double- and triple-check every word you write, and then encourage others to do the same (because they’ll inevitably say what you say). You lost, observe them).

Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

Of course, typos aren’t the only reason to show your portfolio to others. One of the easiest and surest ways to improve your graphic design portfolio in general is to have it critiqued by others, whether it’s a colleague, your creative director, a mentor or even a friend in a similar profession, such as the media.

Not everyone does, because frankly, no one likes something that they poured their heart and soul into and that isn’t perfect. But isn’t it better to be told by someone who has no major influence on your future, instead of finding out when it’s too late?

No matter how big your portfolio is, if you just walk into the interviewer’s office, show it to them, and expect them to compliment you, you’ll probably be waiting a long time. In fact, you should go through them step-by-step and explain what they should look for and why it’s relevant.

Again, this is something best practiced in advance so you don’t stumble over your words or get lost halfway through. We’ve all done it at one stage or another, so the maxim “practice makes perfect” really applies here.

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If this all sounds like a lot of work, you’re right: if you do everything right, it will. But at the same time, you get your time back tenfold in terms of career and freelance opportunities that a killer portfolio opens up.

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