How Does A Graphic Design Portfolio Look Like In Nigeria

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Are you looking to update your portfolio of graphic projects? Or maybe you’re like us and just love looking at design portfolios and graphic design blogs for real inspiration.

How Does A Graphic Design Portfolio Look Like In Nigeria

How Does A Graphic Design Portfolio Look Like In Nigeria

We’ve scoured the web for the best graphic design portfolio to inspire you to make yours great, too.

Creating A Successful Graphic Design Portfolio:

Whether you’re a new designer starting out or an experienced designer with an advanced portfolio, these graphic design portfolios are sure to boost your creative mind.

There’s no hiding what designer and illustrator Robby Leonardi does when you visit his design portfolio of him. Greeted by cheerful and lively colors and illustrations, he demonstrates his competence without saying a word. The coolest part? Click on his profile and it reveals an interesting swipe-enabled interactive model, just like a video game. Who knew biographies could be this much fun to read? We like it!

After visiting Daneil Spatzek’s portfolio, you will see a unique yet simple method. Shot with white space and highlighted film in the center, it gives you an idea of ​​his potential. Click on the design portfolio and you will be taken on a new journey with the scrolling graphics and typography elements. It does a good job of attracting the reader and clearly shows his capabilities.

Go to Steve Wolf Designs and explore their no-nonsense approach to graphic design. The simple design has a masonry layout on the home page featuring some of their best work. We can’t help but appreciate the ease of use and the quality of the design.

Creating A Successful Graphic Design Portfolio (creative Careers)

Yasly is Danny Jones’ portfolio design website. Expert in 3D interaction and visual design, he puts his work in an easy way. What distinguishes his photographic design portfolio is the highest photographic quality. Also, the overall design of the couple and the high profile of the clients he worked with.

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Australian Josh Miller’s graphic design portfolio combines unusual color combinations with simplistic design and makes it stand out. We dig the swipe layout and bold design of your face that entices you to look at more. Straddling the page, Josh has created a wavy color pattern that maintains the vibrant theme of his work.

How Does A Graphic Design Portfolio Look Like In Nigeria

The Qode Interactive catalog is a curated collection of WordPress themes that reflect the company’s authentic and modern approach to web design. While browsing the content, it felt like seeing a work of art in an exhibition space thanks to the impressive horizontal scrolling effect used throughout the site. When you hover over each theme’s name, you’ll see a preview of its design, and clicking on it will launch the theme’s design page. The catalog is designed in a minimal and modern style and gives a good overview of Qode’s impressive creativity and skill.

How To Create A Graphic Design Portfolio

Denise Chandler shows how to implement a color palette in her graphic design portfolio like a pro. Normally, such soft colors block the view, but she used a lot of colors that are very eye-catching. On the home page, she writes “In a sea of ​​commonality, make sure your site stands out from the competition” and we believe her design lives up to that perfectly.

Nathan Riley’s portfolio of graphic designs showcases elegance at its best. We’re not sure if it’s the black and gold combo or the well-placed design, but it provides an instant spark of inspiration. His scrolling portfolio with motion effects is very impressive. Pair that with his exemplary work and it’s no wonder he’s received numerous design awards.

Denys Nevozhai is a designer who travels the world and tells his story simply through an interactive timeline. We think this is a great feature to let others know about him and where he’s been. Scroll past the timeline and you’ll be presented with a grid of great work. His graphic design portfolio includes a good basic layout, even if his work is similar.

Cher Ami wastes no time putting their work in your face. The full-width homepage immerses you in a variety of projects with eye-catching graphics and video design. A thin, thin line running around the screen acts as a progress bar, showing you where you are on the page. There is no doubt that Cher Ami’s studio is pushing the boundaries when it comes to graphic design portfolios on the web.

Inspiring Graphic Design Portfolios You Need To See In 2023

Oh! This is our impression when we opened the homepage of Root Studio’s graphic design portfolio. This bold, colorful and incredibly unique giraffe will catch anyone’s eye. Like many others, they have put together a website that reflects the same aspect of their work. You can’t wait to continue browsing, as the simple, easy-to-read layout is so captivating.

Rachel Cheng’s graphic design portfolio is minimal. As a young designer, her work in UI/UX and product design is just amazing. In the single project page, the process analysis is well implemented. With so few years of experience, we can’t wait to see how her portfolio evolves.

Jane Song’s work is important and effective. Her portfolio of graphic design projects by her (proud clients like MailChimp) is very simple, where she keeps the text to a minimum and lets her work do the talking. What makes her portfolio so successful? Only a small selection of her best works and minimal navigation, which allows you not to get lost in the midst of interesting works.

How Does A Graphic Design Portfolio Look Like In Nigeria

Check out Alex Coven’s graphic design portfolio and you’ll be told exactly what she does – you can’t miss it. Once you scroll down to view her work, grid-to-grid scrolling and full-screen hero images showcase her work in a unique way. We love the idea of ​​using every pixel of the screen, creating a seamless environment. Let’s not forget the clean, interactive logo/left menu navigation that transforms into a beautiful mobile-friendly design when minimized.

Pro Tips To Create A Successful Graphic Design Portfolio

Built by Buffalo it has a graphic design cover unlike any we’ve seen. To showcase their work, they created a honeycomb design with small graphic details for each project. It is not only beautiful, but at the same time very functional. Individual project pages are always grouped together, with a clean two-column layout showcasing their work.

Mike Kus, a British designer, took advantage of the home page by using it as a website to showcase his graphic design portfolio. This eliminates any extra clicking to get there and is an attractive wall of various designs. We are amazed at the simplicity of the modeling effects he implements for each project. Also, the pop-up feature to describe the project in detail is well implemented, allowing the user to never have to leave the home page, star of the show.

At first glance, the Fuzzco homepage automatically starts scrolling slowly, a unique approach you don’t see very often. The fluid grid of the work, with graphics that each time resemble the character on the screen, is a visual experience. They’ve taken a monochromatic palette and implemented an effective typographic layout to create a one-of-a-kind portfolio site. Beautiful graphics and great visual effects tell their own stories about who they are and what they do.

The combination takes color blocking to the max, showcasing a color background that is bold and dominant. This helps create copy blocks that make information easier to digest. Their graphic design portfolio has a static homepage design that changes upon update, making it attractive every time you visit. What works best are big headers and a simple, minimalist design.

Ba (hons) Graphic Design Portfolio

Buzzworthy Studio, based in Brooklyn, NY, showcases their travel knowledge with a different homepage design. Large headers display full-width images on the template, creating a truly immersive experience. Click through the project details and you will be guided through the overall design experience that has been customized for the project in question. The pages of the Buzzworthy project are the most complete, unlike the others.

Creative Mints’ portfolio of graphic projects is just that: creative. A header design that mimics the look of a notebook throughout implements an understated yet striking design. The light colored background gives us a clear picture of their working position

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