Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria – From branding to typography, from UI/UX design to print media and digital publishing, Farnham’s BA (Hons) Graphic Design takes you into the many exciting trends in the industry with an added focus on business

You’ll take part in live projects, competitions and extracurricular industry placements, so when you graduate you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and experience to apply to your career.

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

The course will allow you to specialize in your area of ​​interest while gaining a strong entrepreneurial skill set and encouraging you to collaborate, network and share ideas in our unique community of creative students.

Art And Design

Recent students have designed window displays for Benetton flagship stores, worked with Sky on a new TV channel and produced live projects for Bestival.

You have the opportunity to complete a year of professional practice as part of this course. This will give you the opportunity to develop your professional, academic and personal potential, giving you the opportunity to feel confident and engage in creative work. These qualities are widely recognized by employers, and a large proportion of students who apply for internships are awarded graduate jobs or go on to graduate studies.

A four-year degree programme, including a foundation year, to help develop your creativity before you enter your first year.

A four-year course specifically designed to enable international students to master English and creative skills before starting their first year of study.

Graphic Design Ba Honours

A four-year program where you spend a full year gaining valuable industry experience during your final year of study.

A five-year course, including a foundation year to help develop your creativity before entering your first year and a professional placement year to gain valuable industry experience before your final year.

A five-year course, including an international foundation year focusing on English and core creative skills before entering the first year of the degree, and a work placement year to gain valuable industry experience before the final year of study

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

The Integrated Foundation Year is designed to give you the skills you need to complete your career to the best of your ability – with confidence, a solid understanding of creative practice, learning skills and much more.

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You will learn a range of creative techniques and develop your portfolio around your chosen theme. We’ll work with you throughout the year to make sure you’re on the right track and give you the tools to reach your highest potential in your career.

For our students from outside the UK, an integrated international preparatory year has been launched at Farnham to bring together students from around the world in a hub of creativity.

This preparatory year of study is designed to give you the skills you will need to better embark on your degree – with confidence, a solid knowledge of creative practice, study skills and speaking and writing skills in English that you will need to achieve success. .

Launch Week is designed as a community-led program that brings together students from across the year: you’ll take part in peer-to-peer sessions, research trips, project sprint exercises and talks.

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You will explore graphic experiments focused on communication. It focuses on the practical use of graphic principles as a means of conveying information through a variety of outputs, media types and formats.

As visual professionals, we are responsible for the socio-political makeup of our lives and the lives of others. You will think critically about how our worlds are created and how they work together in relationships, communities and collectives.

You will focus on researching, testing and applying guidelines and processes related to graphic design, with three main areas: typography, creative methodology and general principles of visual communication.

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

Opportunity Week is a hackathon – an opportunity for students to work in different groups over the years to create and replicate industry experiences. You will conduct a live industry briefing, collaborate with students from other courses and present your findings at the end.

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You will develop your understanding of principles across a wide range of graphic design outputs, with a growing research and knowledge of contemporary visual communication methods and processes. You will explore the use of storytelling across multiple deliverables to encourage application testing of a consistent and dynamic graphical language.

There are enormous challenges and opportunities in the world. As designers, we face these challenges with the goal of developing important and meaningful ways to articulate and create cultural change. You will be asked to translate abstract questions into real design proposals, justifying designs with real social, cultural, technological and economic issues. The content deals with the social, cultural, environmental and ethical implications of modern life.

This module provides an opportunity to reflect on your year’s activities and present your findings to the world. It will provide time and space to address and compare the work you have created throughout the year and present it to the public through a publication, exhibition or event.

One of the important objectives of this degree is to consider graphic design as a set of principles, processes and methodologies. The key aim of the second year is to explore multimodal design approaches and connect them to your own practice and the professional world. You will be asked to reflect on your achievements as you look forward to the second half of the course and beyond.

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Visual media shape the atmosphere and aesthetics that shape and define how we navigate our worlds. This means that, as visual professionals, we are responsible for the socio-political makeup of our lives and the lives of others. You will think critically about how our worlds are created and how we work together within relationships, communities and collectives, and explore visual culture and communication methods from a global perspective.

This module explores the critical thinking, creative and technical skills you need to work with large amounts of text. You will learn about the multiple possibilities of interpreting even simple texts, experimenting with their presentation and typographic configuration, learning the knowledge and techniques necessary for editorial design and exploring the opportunities and challenges of working internationally.

You’ll be introduced to design, storytelling, and coherence as thematic concepts that can be applied to on-screen results. You will be asked to think about how visual language such as words, images, format and structure can support communication. The module will also introduce you to the key principles of graphic identity and ask you to consider the role of a designer in creating digital outcomes.

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

You will delve into the working world of a professional designer and creative practitioner. The main aim is to help you prepare for work experience and postgraduate study, and to enable you to explore the world of contemporary graphic design practice in a range of related industries and related career paths.

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As a professional in the creative industries, you will need a deep knowledge of the sector and the ability to work within it. You will focus on applying the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired during your studies in earlier years to the world of work and will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the creative industries.

If you decide to do a year of professional practice, this will happen in your third year of study. You will be involved in the creative industries to further develop your skills and CV.

During the year of professional exercise, you will have to pay the reduced tuition for that year. This quota will be determined in accordance with the public funding regulations. Under current regulations, we expect this to be a maximum of 20% of the tuition fee you charge for your second year of study. You also incur additional travel and accommodation expenses during this year. The University will provide you with further advice and guidance in this regard as your Placement Year approaches.

Please note that if you are an international applicant, you must enroll in the Year of Professional Practice course. It will not be possible to move to a year of professional practice after registration

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You will have the opportunity to enter one or more industry student competitions including Red Dot, D&AD, International Society of Typographic Designers and YCN.

As a graphic designer, you are not a neutral professional: your work reacts to and shapes the world around you. This module encourages you to explore a particular topic or theme, explore it, gather material and analyze how it influences your ideas and design practice. You will develop a position and perspective on contextual research and theoretical underpinnings, and develop a portfolio of contextual research that informs, complements and reflects practice.

The final capstone project gives you the opportunity to showcase your design and communication skills, and explore a theme or topic in depth through an independent and challenging task. Your final major project will benefit from your better understanding of the theoretical issues developed over the last few years of study – how they inform and contextualize your practical work, your research skills.

Graphic Design Art Portfolio Examples In Nigeria

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